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How quickly can we conduct a review?

Screening of your application will take place within 24 hours of submission of a complete application. You will receive notification of the determination of the level of risk and any additional documentation needed. If the study is determined to be more than minimal risk, we will schedule a review by the full IRB within 48 hours. NOTE – review does not mean approval as revisions may be needed to ensure participant protection.

What types of studies do we review?

Solutions IRB provides review for social research, we do not provide review of clinical or animal research. Our team has experience reviewing quantitative and qualitative research, action research, participatory action research and community based participatory action research.

How do I submit a study for IRB review?

What are the costs associated with a review?

The costs associated with a review depend on the level of review required. Please refer to: Services and prices page.

How often does the full committee meet?

Unlike other commercial and private IRBs we understand independent researchers need a quick review. The full committee of Solutions IRB is available to meet within 48 hours after the initial screening and submission of appropriate documentation. The initial screening will determine the level of risk and any additional supporting documents needed for the full IRB to review the study.

What are the deadlines for submission?

There are no standard deadlines for initial submissions. We will complete the initial review of your study within 24 hours of submission

What forms do I need to submit with the study?

The forms you need to submit for IRB review depends on the study. The forms needed are based on the recruitment, level of risk, presence of a vulnerable population, type of intervention data collection strategies and data source. Some of the general documents we would need in the expedited formal submission are:

  1. Protocol or summary of the study (this does not have to be lengthy)
  2. Consent documents (if applicable) or waiver of consent
  3. Recruitment materials (flyers, letters, brochures or scripts if applicable)
  4. Documentation of human research protection training for all study personnel. We will need a copy of the training certificate for each of the study personnel. (if you do not have this training, we offer this at no charge)
  5. Principle Investigator and co-PI CV
  6. A copy of the data collection instruments (survey, interview questions, etc.).
  7. A copy of the grant.

Please refer to the Forms page for additional information.

Do you have example forms?

Yes! You can download all of our Forms.

I need an FWA, what is it?

The FWA is assigned by OHRP to the institution conducting the research, not the IRB. The last time one of our clients applied for the FWA the number was assigned very quickly (within minutes). You can apply for a FWA at http://ohrp.cit.nih.gov/efile/FwaStart.aspx The instructions for completion of the form can be found here: http://www.hhs.gov/ohrp/assurances/forms/fwainstructions.html

When you complete the form, you will designate Solutions IRB as the IRB (item 6 of the form). Our IRB registration number is 00008523, and our IORG # is IORG0007116.

There is also another form some grants require. This is the IRB Authorization Agreement. You will need the FWA number prior to completing the Authorization Agreement. The template for the agreement is located here: http://www.hhs.gov/ohrp/assurances/forms/iprotsup.rtf.