Institutional Support

ddddSolutions IRB offers institutions a cost effective efficient and customer friendly solution to your Institutional Review Board volume. We can assist with the entire duties and function as the facility or health system Institutional Review Board or assist in completing existing IRB backlog reviews.

  • We can provide efficient, cost effective IRB services to your researchers at a substantially reduced rate when compared to internally provided IRB services, with improved turnaround times and researcher satisfaction.
  • Our reviewers are highly experienced in IRB reviews. Solutions IRB believes strongly that to support research IRB reviewers need to have hands on research experience.
  • Our reviewers understand novice researcher skills, needs, and objectives, and are prepared to support all levels of researchers to navigate IRB submission and review.
  • Solutions IRB is a full service private IRB registered with OHRP. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our responsiveness to the needs of organizations either temporarily or on a permanent basis.
  • We offer a 24-48 IRB turnaround for expedited reviews, and a free pre-review consultation. In addition, we offer a substantial volume discount via contractual arrangement.

Consider the following questions:

  • Does the IRB meet at least once per month?
  • Does the IRB do initial reviews of at least three clinical studies per month?
  • Are studies usually approved or denied within 45 days after submission?
  • Are physician-investigators generally satisfied with the IRB?
  • Are only a few of your studies industry-sponsored?
  • Does the IRB have a quorum at every meeting?
  • Is the IRB free of favoritism and political influence?
  • Does the IRB have a clean FDA inspection record (no 483s) for the past three years?
  • Does the IRB staff have enough time to do its work?
  • Is the staff adequately qualified, trained and motivated?
  • Are IRB members qualified, diligent and interested?
  • Do IRB members receive initial and ongoing training?
  • Are you satisfied with the number of industry-sponsored studies you conduct?
  • Is the cost of operating the IRB financially sensible?

If you answered no to any of the questions above, outsourcing the IRB may be a cost effective and efficient solution. *

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*Reference: Should We Outsource Our IRB? Green, J Journal of Clinical Research Best Practices Vol.4, No.4, April 2008