Submit A Study

IRB Submission Instructions

Please review the following instructions before preparing a submission for submission:

    1. Review the current version of the application from the web site. The online application requires the same information as the word document application.
    2. Submit a copy of the CV for the PI
    3. Submit a copy of the CV for co-PI if applicable.
    4. Submit copies of any of the following documents that are applicable:
      Informed Consent documents including child assent and parent permission if applicable. Recruitment materials Advertising materials Data collection instruments If the study involves a medication, supplement or device provide a full description including the ingredients, safety information, and/or manufacturer information. Study protocol If the project is funded by a DHHS grant, provide a copy of the grant
    5. Verify that all investigators and key personnel have completed applicable institutional requirements (e.g., human subjects education and conflict of interest disclosure) within the past 3 years. Documentation of training should be uploaded as a supplemental document. If training is needed, please contact for access to free human subjects training.

You have two options for submitting a study for review at Solutions.

  1. You can submit the study in our new online system, Mentor/Axiom Institutional Review Board Protocol Management system. Mentor offers 24/7 uptime with full support. Just let us know and we will set your account up for you! 
  2. Submit the study materials to by using the form below. We will load your study documents into Mentor for you. Exempt and expedited reviews are completed within 24-48 hours. Convened board reviews will be conducted within 72 hours from submission.

After submission you can access your study, submit continuing reviews, amendments, modifications, adverse events or protocol deviations at:

  • Drop files here or