Waiver of Documentation of Consent

It may be surprising, but not all research requires subjects to sign a consent form. Many types of research can be reasonably conducted without written consent documentation. Depending on the level of risk, and if the consent form would be the only link between the participants and the research, then a waiver of documentation of consent could be granted by the IRB.

When a waiver of documentation of consent would be appropriate for the research:

  • Anonymous online survey with a ‘click to continue’ function
  • Verbal phone interviews
  • No greater than minimal risk study
  • The research could not be conducted without it
  • The signature on the consent form linking the subject to the research actually poses a risk

In the Solutions IRB digital application there is an area to choose “Requesting a Waiver of Documentation of Consent”. This will signify that you are applying for the waiver and will prompt you to answer follow up questions regarding the waiver.


Written by: McKenzie Long